New Labor Laws Needed?

Wow! Time really goes by fast.  I had no idea it’s been three and a half years since the last time I made a blog post.  While someone I know believes that the pandemic still rages on and the 2020 pandemic restrictions should still be in effect, I believe most people believe the pandemic is long over.  Nobody is self-isolating, traffic on roads back to normal, businesses going back to working in the office, and pandemic restrictions are gone.  I don’t think people even care about getting COVID-19 any more.

As far as I know, I made it through the pandemic without ever getting COVID-19, but it is possible it was just so mild that I had no symptoms or anything.  I’ve gotten the COVID-19 vaccine doses including booster doses.

Onward to the main topic for this post.  Someone I know believes that federal labor laws need modernizing.

One of their suggestions involves hiring.  They believe that employers should be limited to only hiring people from within about a hundred miles from the workplace.  Their justification is that a move from a larger distance harms relationships, are too traumatizing, and is bad for people.

They also believe that federal jobs should be limited to one President. Every time there’s a new President, the new President should appoint new directors for all federal agencies and all existing federal employees be given one last year of employment to train the new employees hired by the new President’s agency directors.  So all federal jobs would only last either five years or nine years depending on if the President got one or two terms in office.  They base this opinion on a former member of the US military who became a college professor and told the students in their classes that federal employment is meant to only be a “stepping stone” toward a job in private industry.  In other words, federal jobs should just be temporary jobs that give you experience to utilize in private industry jobs.  This would also let each President have only people working for them that they or their appointed heads working for them want.

They also point out that there are some people who regularly change jobs and might work as many as a dozen jobs over their lifetime.  They believe that this should be normal and all Americans should regularly change jobs.

Finally they believe that each person’s mother should be the most important person in their life.  So they believe labor laws should require employees to report to their employers whenever their mother is not doing well.  Employers would then be required to lay off the employee so that the employee becomes unemployed and have the ability to spend 24/7 taking care of their mother.  That not doing this would be an indication the children have ill will toward their mother and would rather their mother be dead.  So basically if your mother is not well, then you should be unemployed and care for your mother 24/7 until they either get well or die and then you get a new job.  And this would apply to all of your mother’s children.  So if your mother has five children, then that’s five adult children taking care of her 24/7.

Anyhow, that’s it for now. Hopefully I will do another blog post soon.  At least in less than three and a half years. LOL