Are We Doing Parenting Wrong?

I know someone who is a self-proclaimed expert who shall remain nameless that says there are some unwritten international standards that we Americans are failing to adhere to and that other countries consider us a laughingstock for these failures to follow these unwritten international standards.  One of these failures involves the parent-child relationship for adult children.  This expert also says that everything they say is pure indisputable fact and that anybody that disagrees is stuck back in the way things were done in the 1920s rather than the way things are done now in 2019.

The expert says that the job of a parent never ends.  That once your child is born, you must be and act like a parent until the day you die regardless of how old your child is.

As a consequence of this, the expert says children who are old enough to live on their own outside of their parents’ home are supposed to call their parents every day no matter how old the adult children are.  And that this should be mandated by law so that failure to make the phone calls would be a criminal offense.  The expert says the phone calls should be made at a time convenient to the parents and not necessarily at a time convenient to their adult children.  The length of the phone calls should be 60 to 90 minutes each day on weekdays and around three hours on weekends and holidays.  As for the content of the phone calls, the expert says that the adult children should tell their parents everything they did that day, everything about all of the people they interacted with, and what they are planning to do and where they are going to be going for the next several days.

In response to the adult children’s daily phone calls reporting on their life events each day, the expert says the parents would offer guidance to the adult children that must be followed.  In addition, the parents should demand photographic or other evidence from the adult children that proves what the children say is true.  Failure of the adult children to comply with what their parents told would be a sign of disrespect and every other negative word you can think of.

The expert also says that an adult child that fails to do the above should be considered as if the adult child was throwing out their parents like trash.  So basically saying that this is an indication that the adult child wants to be totally separate from the parents and don’t care what if something bad happens to their parents.

Finally, the expert says that in order to ensure that their children learn from their mistakes and don’t repeat them, the parents must forever regularly repeat to their children regardless of age the details of every mistake (in the parents’ mind) the children ever made starting with before they were born. The expert believes there is no other way people can learn from their mistakes.  A corollary of this theory is that at work, the expert says managers should begin every staff meeting with a reading of every mistake any employee ever made and that this is the only way to prevent the mistakes from being repeated by any employee.

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