When do you become an “adult?”

Traditionally an easy question, right?  You’re an adult when you reach age 18.  However, you don’t have the full rights of an adult at 18.  You can’t buy tobacco or drink alcohol until you’re 21.  The expert I know on international standards says it’s even more complicated than that.

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Parenting Follow-up

As you may recall, about six weeks ago, I wrote about an expert who says the USA is a laughingstock in the world’s eyes for failing to adhere to international standards.  Especially the one about parenting.

A bit frustrating, but the expert continues to emphasize to me how important it is that parenting be permanent and not end after a child is considered an “adult.”

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How do you measure success?

Most of our lives we are evaluated.  In school we get graded on our work and either a letter or numerical grade is assigned or perhaps the teacher gives you either a “pass” or a “fail.”  When we enter the workforce, our managers make a report on our performance.  We hope we get to keep our jobs and maybe even get a promotion that gives us more money in our paychecks.  So as you work on your projects, how do you measure success?  How do you decide if you are successful in completing the project or not?

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Are We Doing Parenting Wrong?

I know someone who is a self-proclaimed expert who shall remain nameless that says there are some unwritten international standards that we Americans are failing to adhere to and that other countries consider us a laughingstock for these failures to follow these unwritten international standards.  One of these failures involves the parent-child relationship for adult children.  This expert also says that everything they say is pure indisputable fact and that anybody that disagrees is stuck back in the way things were done in the 1920s rather than the way things are done now in 2019.

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