Parenting Follow-up

As you may recall, about six weeks ago, I wrote about an expert who says the USA is a laughingstock in the world’s eyes for failing to adhere to international standards.  Especially the one about parenting.

A bit frustrating, but the expert continues to emphasize to me how important it is that parenting be permanent and not end after a child is considered an “adult.”

The expert continues to emphasize that adult children should be reporting to their parents every day about their day, to include who they talked to, what did they do that day, where they plan to go in the near future and with whom, etc.  A corollary of this is that if the adult child ever fails to call their parents, the parents should call the adult child.  If the adult child does not answer the call from the parents, then the expert says the parents should assume something bad has happened to the adult child and call the police.  A second corollary is that no matter how old you are, you should use location-sharing features of your smartphone to allow family members to see exactly where you are 24/7/365.  The expert says this is absolutely necessary because if something happens to you, your family and the police won’t know where to look for you until it’s too late.

The expert also says that in order to show respect to the parents, the adult child’s end of the conversation should not have any sound in the background unless the parents ask for the adult child to play something with sound.  During the conversation, the adult child should not show any sign of being upset or angry.

Ultimately, it appears the expert is saying that parents always know what’s best for their children, no matter how old they are or where they are.  So children, even adult children, should listen to their parents and do whatever the parents say.

One last thing the expert says I will mention here.  The expert says that parents should never be wanting for money in old age because their adult children should be paying for all of their parents’ expenses.

Until next time, when I will share the expert’s opinion regarding dating and marriage.

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